The Ripple Effect
Change Your Mind
The Ripple Effect simply means that we have an impact on each other.  If I am in a bad mood and go to the grocery store that way, I may create anger and resentment in the clerk when I scowl at her.  Or, on the other hand she may change my mood by being very pleasant and kind. 

What I watch on television changes the circuitry in my brain and the chemicals and physical vibrations in my body for better or for worse.  By the way, emotions such as anger are addictive.  The television producers have figured that one out and use it to great effect.

So what does that mean in a larger sense?  Do I want peace in the world or strife?  Do I want peace in my family, or discord?  My observer can choose what kind of a world, what kind of a family I want to live in and be part of and act accordingly.  Ghandi said "Be the peace you want in the world." 

If each of us does our part to heal ourselves,  we can change the world. 
What are we waiting for?