Charles Figley, Ph.D. of the Psychological Stress Research Program and Clinical Laboratory at Florida State University reported five advantages of using TFT ™ (an energy therapy) over all other tested therapeutic approaches in reducing the impact of trauma.  Figley stated:

It is powerful.  All clients (in his study) received nearly immediate relief and this appears to be permanent.
It can be taught to anyone so clients can treat themselves and others.
It appears to do no harm.
It works.

In addition,  Energy Therapies do not involve surgical procedures, needles, pain, pills or chemicals, pushing or pulling on the body and have no side effects. 

And they are  
—  very fast, taking only a few minutes
—- can be self-administered anytime, anywhere.

Energy Psychology techniques can seem strange to many of us but there are some uncanny coincidences that have helped to convince me that something is going on.  The explanation of meridians may or may not be the reason for the changes that occur, but they do occur.  I was able to cure my own lifelong fear of heights in 10 minutes during a Through Field Therapy training in 1992 and it has not returned. 

In addition the acupressure points we teach are ones we use instinctively.  Can you guess what emotionsl each of these women is experiencing. ?

The points on the side of the eye have to do with rage and the under nose and chin points are related to shame and embarrassment.  Strange, istn't it?  And these aren't the only ones that seem to fit with what we do intuitively -- mo matter what culture we come from.

Energy Psychology
ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY is a relatively new (in the West) approach to providing relief for a variety of emotional problems including phobias, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, anger, physical pain, and addictions. Energy is believed to flow along lines or meridians which are connected to organs of the body and related to emotional states. The Energy Therapy techniques have roots in ancient Chinese medicine and in the modern science of Applied Kineseology.

In Energy Psychology we believe that our thoughts are constantly creating patterns of electrical energy that cause the release of neurotransmitters, hormones, and other chemicals in the body that we feel as emotions. When there is a disruption in the body's electrical flow, such as when we experience the fight or flight response, we feel it physically. If the disruption continues, it can lead to emotional distress and eventually physical problems. When the disruption is removed, the distress stops. One of the methods used in the Energy Therapies consists of focusing on the painful emotion or thoughts and putting pressure on specific acupressure points.  This pressure is believed to remove the blocks in the field and allow the energy to flow freely.  These methods usually take only minutes and the results are lasting.  The treatment methods vary in Energy Psychology, but primarily you are taught pressure points that you can use on your own to work through your emotional disturbances. In the sessions we may process beliefs and obstacles also using pressure points which I will demonstrate and you can use on your own body.

Change Your Mind
Advantages of Energy Psychology
The Energy Therapies are used to treat a wide range of issues including physical pain, stress, anxiety, fears and phobias, trauma, anger, depression, migraines and addictions. They are also used to improve personal performance in academics, business and sports by removing anxiety, doubt and negative self-talk.  
The Energy Therapies are a group of techniques used in psychotherapy to alleviate or eliminate psychological suffering.  Once fears, trauma, anxiety, panic and strong negative emotions are reduced, other work can be done in therapy on personal goals, relationships and other healing. 

Uses of Energy Therapy
There are many varieties of Energy Therapies. Mentioned below are a small sample of the techniques available. 
EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a basic method which is easily learned. It consists of tapping on or touching 13 points on the face, chest and hand while focusing on the problem or disturbing emotion.
Donna Eden's Energy Medicine uses a variety of techniques including Applied Kinesiology, Qi Gong, and Acupressure to relieve stress and to heal many emotional and physical problems. 
HeartMath employs a simple technique that you can use anytime and anywhere to relieve tension and to enter a state of mind where you think more clearly and are more open to alternatives. 
Forms of Energy Therapy
The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, the international organization for energy psychology ,contains information about many methods, lists providers and trainings and has reference articles.